Skills: Communication Arts

Communication Arts

This cluster offers two different avenues of concentration. Careers in the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, or certain aspects of Journalism, Broadcasting, and Film require creative talents. Careers in Audio-Video Communications Technology, Telecommunications, or Printing Technology require strong backgrounds in computer and electronic based technology, and a solid foundation in math and science. Communicating effectively in both oral and written form is essential for all careers in the cluster. In addition, the creative aspects of this cluster are rapidly merging with the technological, offering exciting and challenging careers.

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Pitzer Digital


Pitzer Digital, LLC is an agency based in Neligh, Nebraska, with two divisions – marketing and media.

Allo Communications


Allo Communications is a Nebraska-based and Nebraska-owned telecommunications company offering fiber telephone, long distance, broadband, internet and television to residents and businesses.



KHGI Nebraska TV is the ABC affiliate station for Central and South-western Nebraska, providing news, weather, sports and local event coverage to residents throughout the area.